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*the application* Amy



4.location: Florida

5.what do you think of sXe: Use a condom, yo

6.favorite disney character and why: Tiger, because hes a cutie

7.If you could be a shoe, what kind would you be and why: One of those sneakers with wheels on them- because i can be

8.would you rather be a man or a woman and why: woman because i enjoy not having a penis you own a favorite stuffed animal: No i usually tore those apart

10.If you could put the perfect concert together, what bands would be playing: Counting Crows, Killers, Sublime, Aerosmith, Kill Hannah you have a lucky pair of pants or underwear or anything: No. you have any pets: yes. 4 cats and a Bird

13.Name 5 things that scare you: my face, my body, my cousin, my sister, roller coasters

14.what grade are you in: 9th

15.least favorite thing to do: Sweep

16.What would be your dream job: to be on broadway you play any video games? if so whats your favorite one: Yes. Crazy taxi kicks all of your asses

18.If you could be a super hero, who would you be: Invisable woman.

19.what song reminds you of your grandmother: can i get back to you on that one? you like america: Psht. Duh you have a myspace account? if yes give the link: Yes

22.promote this community at least 2 times and give us the link where you promoted or you're rejected:

now post at least 3 pictures of yourself
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