Sarah (soimarriedsarah) wrote in x_ugly_core_x,
x_ugly_core_x Sarah aka Blondie

2.age: 18

3.gender: female

4.location: Coral Springs, Florida

5.what do you think of sXe: Im totally pro sXe, i wish that everyone would be sXe, if i had one wish, thats probably what i would wish for, just because i think it would make alot of things in this world a little bit better.

6.favorite disney character and why: Pongo from 101 dalmations, just because I've been in love with him since i was about 5, memoories

7.If you could be a shoe, what kind would you be and why: converse, because they are comfortable, the only shoe i dont fall in, and their down to earth... litteritly.

8.would you rather be a man or a woman and why: a women because if i was a guy, i think i would shoot myself for being so insensitive and if your a guy, so much is expected from you. you own a favorite stuffed animal: yes... Hoggle, He is my pet monster, posing against the pillow in blue (he even has a gumbi tie) hah and the little man in white is my little bunny puppy Kaspa.

10.If you could put the perfect concert together, what bands would be playing: Start it off slow with Jawbreaker, Anti-Flag, and New Found Glory, because those are like my favoriteo bands of all time, even though its an ironic combination. you have a lucky pair of pants or underwear or anything: nope, only bad luck underwear.. long story you have any pets: but of course, I have a beautiful dinosaur named Cozmo, 1 wildebeast named Bosco, a princess named Bisha and a minature buddah covered in hair, Kaspa.

13.Name 5 things that scare you: family and friends dying, war, global warming, and growing up

14.what grade are you in: I am through with school for the time being.

15.least favorite thing to do: Closing at work

16.What would be your dream job: a graphic designer for a record label, or a radio talk show host. you play any video games? if so whats your favorite one: Donkey King for Super NNintendo, I only play regular and super nintendo lol, im not cool enough for the other systems.

18.If you could be a super hero, who would you be: No doubt about it...

19.what song reminds you of your grandmother: Rollerskating rinks and summer time reminds me of my nana you like america: for the most part, yes.. i think there are a lot of things that need to be improved though. you have a myspace account? if yes give the link: yes

22.promote this community at least 2 times and give us the link where you promoted or you're rejected:
now post at least 3 pictures of yourself

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