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New brieanna

2.age: 15

3.gender: female

4.location: pennsylvania

5.what do you think of sXe: personally, i'm not sxe.. i drink and smoke. BUT sxe kids don't bother me as long as they don't preach to me. if you're my family or friend and you're worried about me because i'm going all-out doing whatever it is, then it's fine to talk to me about it. if you don't preach to me about your sxe beliefs, i won't dislike you for being sxe.

6.favorite disney character and why: hmm..the cheshire cat. i don't know why really..i've just always liked him the best.

7.If you could be a shoe, what kind would you be and why: i'd want to be a 14-eye, steeltoe, oxblood doc marten's boot. they're tough and hold up forever, but pretty at the same time.

8.would you rather be a man or a woman and why: a woman. i like being a girl. sure there's disadvantages, but i don't wanna worry about getting kicked in the crotch =] you own a favorite stuffed animal: yup, i own quite a few. my favorite is my Stitch stuffed animal (from lilo & stitch, duh)

10.If you could put the perfect concert together, what bands would be playing: hmm.. leftover crack, choking victim, cocksparrer, the aquabats, blood for blood, dropkick murphys, flogging molly.. i could go on & on but that's enough. you have a lucky pair of pants or underwear or anything: nope. you have any pets: yeah, i have 2 dogs & a rat.

13.Name 5 things that scare you:
1. geraldo rivera (sp.?)
2. going deaf because music is my life
3. getting really old
4. dying
5. losing any of my friends

14.what grade are you in: 10th [[yeah.. sophmores represent! =\]]

15.least favorite thing to do: most homework..stay home all the time.

16.What would be your dream job: being a piercer or tattoo artist. you play any video games? if so whats your favorite one: of course i play video games. my favorite is either ddr or halo.

18.If you could be a super hero, who would you be: hmm..spiderman. he's the shit.

19.what song reminds you of your grandmother: any ska song, because my grandmother's awesome and she likes ska. you like america: yup. [[love your country, hate your government.]] you have a myspace account? if yes give the link:

22.promote this community at least 2 times and give us the link where you promoted or you're rejected:

now post at least 3 pictures of yourself

Image hosted by
Me & my rat, Pogo.

Image hosted by
Me & my best friend. I'm on the right, obviously.

Image hosted by
Whiskey makes you red.

Image hosted by
A bit drunk.

Image hosted by
I seriously do love this girl.

Image hosted by
My sunglasses are the shit.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
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