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I'm really bored, so I'm applying again, even though I'm a mod haha. Whatevs. Samantha

2.age: 15

3.gender: Female

4.location: Warren, MI

5.what do you think of sXe: It's a good way to live your life. I was sxe for 3 years, but uh yeah, I'm a horrible person. :/

6.favorite disney character and why: Tigger because he's always happy and full of energy.

7.If you could be a shoe, what kind would you be and why: A flip flop because they're comfortable and slip on when you're in a hurry.

8.would you rather be a man or a woman and why: I like being a girl because you can't ramdomly pop a woody haha. you own a favorite stuffed animal: Yes; a bear that my ex gave me.

10.If you could put the perfect concert together, what bands would be playing: The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Norma Jean, Chiodos, As Dawn Falls, Between The Buried And Me, See You Next Tuesday, Dead To Fall, Dillinger Escape Plan, The Chariot, Ion Dissonance, Anah Aevia, Glass Casket. I'd be more like a festival haha. you have a lucky pair of pants or underwear or anything: Yeah, a lucky pair of pants. you have any pets: Yeah, I have 3 cats. I had 4 up until 3 weeks ago; she ran away. ;/

13.Name 5 things that scare you: The dark, spiders&other bugs, blood, losing the love of my life or any of my close friends, being a failure.

14.what grade are you in: 10th

15.least favorite thing to do: My chores.

16.What would be your dream job: Being a record producer for Eyeball or Metal Blade records. you play any video games? if so whats your favorite one: Not really, but sometimes I play Mario Party and the Sims. I used to play Animal Crossing all the time, but my sister deleted my house thinger, so I just gave up.

18.If you could be a super hero, who would you be: Catwoman because my boyfriend is obsessed and sometimes thinks he's Batman haha. He's cute.

19.what song reminds you of your grandmother: "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" - by whoever because it's by like 39864 people. Don't ask haha; when I was like 6 something happened, and whenever I hear that song I think of my grandma. you like america: Nope, and whoever wants can bitch at me all they want. I'm moving out of the country once I'm old enough. you have a myspace account? if yes give the link:

22.promote this community at least 2 times and give us the link where you promoted or you're rejected: I've been promoting like crazy in communities I'm not supposed to be promoting in, and I don't feel like showing the links.

now post at least 3 pictures of yourself

Before I chopped off all my hair & got my nose&lip pierced. Eek, yuckiness.
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And the boyfriend, because I can.
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